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Lite Lender personal loans offer 2019 at advantageous conditions

Lite Lender personal loans offer 2019 at advantageous conditions

The search for funding must be conducted taking into account your needs, as well as the conditions proposed by banks and financial companies. To find your way around easily, it is therefore advisable to use an online comparator, which allows you to find the most advantageous offers in a few minutes. And among the proposals often indicated by the comparison portals as more convenient are the Lite Lender Company loans.

But what characterizes the Lite Lender Company loans? The main advantage of using Lite Lender loans is that they can be requested online and the credit is granted in a very short time (48 hours from the moment of approval). The offer includes a wide range of loans, suitable to meet the needs of a heterogeneous public.

Small amounts may be required to deal with sudden expenses, debt consolidation solutions, and loans to support expenses related to restructuring. The proposed solutions include the transfer of the fifth, which provides for the deduction of the installment directly from the applicant’s paycheck or pension.

Applicants who have the necessary guarantees can also obtain a loan with payment delegation (also called double fifth). In this way it is possible to increase the maximum amount that can be financed, against a significant increase in the amortization rate that reaches up to two fifths of the salary.

Amounts and conditions of Lite Lender loans

Let’s go into the details of the conditions of the Lite Lender Company loans, it is possible to obtain sums up to 30 thousand USD. The customer has the possibility, during the amortization plan, to change the amount of the installment according to his needs. The installment is also suspended: it is possible to skip one payment per year, up to three times during the loan.

With regard to the reimbursement conditions, a TAN of 5.16% is envisaged for the concession of $ 10,000 to be returned in 60 months. The APR stands at 6.70% and the monthly payment is 193.19 USD.

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