Online home loans: how to find loans at advantageous rates

With the advent of the network, the search for a mortgage has become a much simpler operation than it was until a few years ago. By using online mortgages, it is possible to reduce the time required for the request as well as for the preliminary investigation procedure.

In addition to the advantage of reducing the time required for the request, using the web channel it will also be possible to obtain more advantageous repayment conditions than those normally proposed for traditional financing. But how to find the best online mortgage offer?

The so-called comparison portals are present on the network, these are websites specialized in the comparison of loans that allow you to identify the offer that best meets your needs in a few minutes. Simply enter all the characteristics of the desired mortgage in the appropriate form and within a few seconds, the site offers offers that meet the indicated requirements.

Home loans 80%: the best offers on the web

Home loans 80%: the best offers on the web

To assist our readers, we have compiled a small selection of the best currently active online home purchase mortgages. The first proposal that we consider is LNB Future Credit Mortgage, a loan designed to meet the needs of those with variable income.

In fact, the mortgage provides for a customizable amortization plan. As regards the amount and duration of the loan, it is normally possible to obtain sums of up to 75% of the value of the property. However, the maximum limit is set at 80% of the real estate value.

The amortization plan is in monthly installments with decreasing amounts and can range from a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 30 years. The interest rate is fixed for the entire duration of the repayment. Although it is not possible to start the loan application directly online, the interested parties can make an appointment at the branch via the official financial website.

Online mortgages 2017 for under 40: offers dedicated to young people

Online mortgages 2017 for under 40: offers dedicated to young people

Another very interesting solution as regards online mortgages for the purchase of the house is Nice Bank, the Unicredit loan dedicated to those under 40. By subscribing Nice Bank it is possible to obtain sums up to 80% of the value of the ‘estate. The beneficiary also has the possibility to choose between fixed, variable or mixed rate.

We find finally Best Bank, which guarantees the total flexibility is beneficial with regard to the choice of interest rate for repayment of the installments. It is in fact possible to suspend the payment of installments up to 3 times. And if to apply for funding is a boy under 35 Best Bank finances up to 100% of the real estate value.

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