Come Understanding Islamic Credit Cards!

Islamic credit cards are not new in Indonesia. It was the fatwa of the National Lite Lending Council of the Indonesian Ulema Council on Lite Lending Cards in 2006 which opened the way.

Fatwa does not use the phrase “credit card” or “credit card”, but ” Lite Lending card” alias ” Lite Lending card”. However, what is meant is a payment instrument similar to a credit card.

In general, here is an example of the difference between Islamic credit cards and conventional credit cards:


The contract

credit loans

As explained earlier, there are a number of mandatory contracts on Islamic credit cards. According conventional credit cards only use loan agreements as the basis.

There is no interest in Islamic credit cards, because including usury. While there are conventional credit cards. However, Islamic credit card issuing banks can ask for compensation for late payment of bills.



credit card

Late fees on Islamic credit cards are counted as social funds, while conventional credit cards are a source of income for issuing banks.



money remittance

Lite Lending credit cards may not be used for things that are not in accordance with Islamic law. Agreed conventional credit cards are free to use for anything as long as they comply with bank and financial authority regulations.

The Lite Lending and conventional credit card equations are, among others, supervised by Cream Bank and the Financial Services Authority, used as a legal payment instrument, and customers can apply through various means. Yes, apply for an Islamic credit card online.

Among these Hasanah credit cards from Wellrite Credit. Apply for a Wellrite Credit credit card directly through its website. It could also be through a third party, such as a comparison site or financial service comparison.

Likewise, apply an Islamic credit card from Best Bank . But on the Good Lenders Credit site it can’t apply directly yet. Even so, you can leave a contact number to be contacted regarding the credit card application. No need to pay credit to call them.

At this time, Islamic credit cards from Wellrite and Best Bank are recommended. Because, both are major players in the Islamic credit card sector in Indonesia.


The features of each card type are different

credit cards

To find out more, you can visit the bank’s website or check the information on the comparison site. To be sure, the Islamic credit card law in accordance with the MUI fatwa is applied by the card issuing banks.

One important thing to remember, Islamic credit cards are not exclusively intended for Muslim customers. Non-Muslim citizens may also use it, of course, as long as they adhere to the principles applied in Islamic credit cards.

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